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BIGTALK was created with a vision to deliver solutions that require more than Basic Software Skills. Are you trying to migrate into MongoDB? Are you trying to scale your business to handle traffic multiple times of what you have? Are you trying to integrate components that require Advanced Technology Experts? To do a simple task, there are companies dime a dozen. But when it comes to something Advanced, WE ARE UNIQUE. Email Now...
Our Skills...
We are technology agnostic, but for those looking for a checklist, here are a few...
Hybrid Apps
Bootstrap 3
Salient Features...
Based on the project requirements, we have expertise in the following areas
Responsive Designs
Like this website, in all our websites, we have evolved along with Bootstrap into a more efficient UI framework for Responsive Designs.
Newest Technologies
We are always open to working on latest versions and/or just-in Technologies that carry a promise of solving new problems and opening new doors.
Attractive and Intuitive
UI and UX are 2 completely different things. For UI we take help of some partners but UX is our very proud strength that we never compromise.
Enterprise Ready
There is difference in approach required for enterprise solutions. We have specialists with experience and product strategies that can serve you better.
The Human Element
Most important strength of our product design is that we capture the human side of a user and map every feature of the product to the wants of the user.
Speed and Performance
Our favourite part of the job is our discussions on algorithms, order complexities and various aspects of each solution that impact speed, storage and security.
SEO & Integrations
We have knowledge over and above the needs of modern applications in terms of performing with Search Engines, App Stores, Payment Gateways, Social Networks & more.
Source Code Policy
We provide services and not products, hence we take steps to ensure that every activity done within billed hours is provided including codes, documents, test cases and everything else.
Selected projects that give an idea of our work
Our Product
PHP for Web, Java for Thread Management, UI with AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, MongoDB for Data, JSoup/Selenium for Scraping
Workfinder is a global product launched by BIGTALK with an integration to top Freelancing portals across the World. It helps Startups apply to these jobs and track them. more
With around 100 to 500 startups across the globe registering every week, this product has a great demand among Development & Design startups. This project was launched in conjunction with less
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World-class Job Portal
PHP for Backend, UI with AngularJS, HTML5 & CSS3, MongoDB & MySQL for Data
A Video-Led Job Portal based out of Bangalore & Singapore, this product is a new take on Jobs and Recruitment. Its uniqueness is the Video Interviews model. more
With a 2 way communication model with Mobile & Desktop versions, this product offers an end-to-end solution for Recruiters and MNCs hiring in large numbers. less
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Non-Invasive Diagnosis
Java for Image Analysis, Android Mobile App, MySQL based PHP Backend
clikJaundice is a Mobile App based Image analysis using pigmentation for computing Jaundice levels in infants. The tool is non-invasive and has 97% accuracy. more
The product requires users to take a picture using a typical Android phone through our App and upload it for Image analysis to get Bilirubin levels less
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Online Real Estate
Php Codeigniter for Backend, MySQL/Mongo based Data Search
An online real estate site with major focus on bringing small builders and indepnendent agencies also onto the online world. more
The major challenge is creating a large number of categories and sub categories and create a framework for efficiently searching them with performance. less
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We are based out of Bangalore. You can contact us through email or just use this contact form
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